Combing Hair by Laura McGonigle

Today we celebrated our dearly missed poet and friend Laura McGonigle. We can't believe it's been a year.  Here is her poem "Combing Hair," featured in Hollow issue IV. 

"I want to lay where the magic happens,
but my mother won’t let me
there are dishes to be washed and clothes to be ironed
she says, don’t grow up too fast
because this doesn’t last forever,
enjoy the curiosity and the carelessness
the care bears and the chores
but when Rita shows me how to curl my hair and put on lipstick
there is no more questioning
who I am or what I am here
for, life is a game of the ins and the outs
the ups and the downs I say
though I’m not sure I fully understand the lay of the land
because what does happen if you lose and miss out?
Does a man come along and steal all of your beauty or
maybe drown your dreams with it
in the lake of forgetfulness?
Maybe you just feel incredibly lost
always wondering what was as
if you could fly, but then you couldn’t stop
and you just kept spinning
though mother says the famous can’t
see what we see-- everything
that’s what I want
yes, that is what I’ll do."